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Travelos Prime

is the easiest way to

book, manage, & save money

on corporate travel.


Travel Prime saves your company UP TO 40% through access to special negotiated rates and privileges just like big companies.

24/7 Service

Travel Prime team of 24/7 travel support experts give you peace of mind whether you're on the road or back at the home office.

Easy to use

Travel Prime intuitive platform makes it easier than ever to book, manage and report on corporate travel.

Simple & Easy

Corporate Travel management


Reduce booking time from hours to minutes with Travel Prime’s intuitive app and saved traveler profiles.


Take the pain out of travel management with Travel Prime’s automated travel policies and expensing.


Get better control over travel spend and real-time budget visibility with Travel Prime’s flexible financial dashboards.


Travel Prime's access to negotiated fares and automated travel policies make it easy to save on corporate travel.

Travelos prime


Travel Prime gives finance teams real-time visibility into travel expenses and easy ways to control spend.
Travel Managers
Travel Prime takes all of the stress out of travel management, with saved traveler preferences and 24/7 travel support.
Business Travellers
Travellers love Travel Prime for its intuitive booking app, automated expensing and VIP 24/7 travel support.


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